Nintendo Switch

Homebrew & Downgrading Information

What firmwares can I install Homebrew on?

For the end user, you can't really do much yet. There's PegaSwitch, but that's really meant for devs.
For the future, however, there has been a major exploit announced for firmware versions 1.0.0 to 3.0.0, dubbed smhax. This exploit gives full permissions to any service.

What is smhax?

smhax is most likely one of the biggest vulnerabilities found in the Switch firmware, and will probably be the main access to homebrew for a while.
Nintendo have since patched smhax in Switch firmware 3.0.1, so it's heavily advised that you DO NOT UPDATE!

smhax, when fully exploited, will allow privilege escalation which will allow us to register and run arbitrary services on the console.

Prior to 3.0.1, the service manager (sm) built-in system module treats a user as though it has full permissions if the user creates a new “sm:” port session but bypasses initialization. This is due to the other sm commands skipping the service ACL check for Pids <= 7 (i.e. all kernel bundled modules) and that skipping the initialization command leaves the Pid field uninitialized. Successful exploitation results in Acquisition, registering, and unregistering of arbitrary services

When a homebrew entrypoint is found, smhax would likely be used to gain access to the whole console.

I'm on 3.0.1 or above! Can I downgrade?

Unfortunately, with the Switch, it has become extremely hard to downgrade. Nintendo have learned from their mistakes and introduced a new security measure: eFuses.

What's an eFuse?

Can't we just do a downgrade with a hardmod?

Does this mean we'll never be able to downgrade on the Switch?

I want to play the newer games. Should I update?

Well, I can't stop you, however SciresM stated that "if you care about hax, do not update" and that staying on 3.0.0 or below is "the correct call". He also said that people updating for newer games "will likely be waiting a much, much longer time".