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Error C2-12828 when launching HENkaku

  1. Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal
  2. Delete your cookies in the PS Vita Browser
    • Make sure that after each step, you keep trying for a bit before moving on
  3. Turn your Vita off, wait a few minutes, turn it back on again and then try again
  4. Start the Vita in Safe mode and select “Rebuild Database”
    • Turn your Vita off
    • Press the “R” button + PS button + Power button simultaneously for 5 seconds while the Vita is off
    • Select Rebuild Database
  5. Reset the Wi-Fi Settings
  6. If all that fails, try formatting the memory card

How do I transfer files?

With MolecularShell

  1. Download and install an FTP client on your computer
  2. Open MolecularShell and press Select
  3. Connect to the IP address shown on screen with your FTP client

With VitaShell

  1. Open VitaShell and connect your USB charger to your Vita
  2. Press Start and make sure SELECT button is set to USB
  3. Press Select

Can I downgrade to 3.60?

No. You must buy a new Vita on 3.60 or below or swap out your motherboard for one 3.60 or below.

If I buy a new Vita, will I still be able to use homebrew on it?

Yes. All new Vitas will come on versions 3.60 or lower. However, new Japanese Red and Silver models will come on 3.61 or higher.

Can I update to 3.60?

Yes, follow this guide here.

Is the Vita region-free?

Yes. You can play any game you like from any region.